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It’s one of my life goals to write a cookbook. And one day I will. It’ll be filled with enough background research to make your head swim, pretty charts describing how digestion really works, and all kinds of food science. That’s my jam. PLUS, you can count on aesthetic food photos. I get so much joy out of flipping through cookbooks with amazing food photography.

OK, enough dreaming about the future and back to reality. In the meantime, I know what you probably REALLY care about is fresh ideas that make cooking at home easy. We’re in an interesting time where more and more we’re eating at home, and it’s about time to level-up your kitchen creativity!

So, I’ve put together RECIPE PACKS. This is a curated collection of recipes (and a minor amount of background science) to give you some new inspiration for healthy at-home cooking. Choose your ‘style’ and start to incorporate a few new things- plant-based, low-carb, entertaining, 5-ingredient, lunch prep, family dinner, or cooking for one!


An inside look at the NEW! Recipe Packs

What’s Inside:

Each recipe pack starts out with some basic science on WHY certain ingredients are included (or excluded). I give you a few tips for making the most of recipes (like swapping out ingredients, utilizing leftovers, and planning ahead).

The Recipe Packs have 30 recipes. For each recipe, you’ll find a high-definition photo (like I said, aesthetics are important!), Ingredient List, Instructions, Notes on substitutions, AND nutrition facts per serving.  

I’ve also included a bonus Weekly Meal Planner to help you create a personalized eating strategy.

The Recipe Pack PDF is designed to be a self-directed exploration of new recipes. ((If you’d prefer a personalized meal plan and recipe pack according to your preferences, allergies, or intolerances- Reach out to Kate!))


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One challenge I’m meeting is clients who are cooking for one OR cooking for a family. So often, recipes are written in 2-4 servings. What happens when you’re alone and DON’T want the same meal four times?? What happens when you’re a family of six?? –> Enter: Serving Size Customization.

My “Cooking for One” and my “Family Meals” Recipe Packs allow you to change serving sizes in each individual recipe depending on your need. Using the Recipe Pack software, you’ll log in and toggle servings from one all the way up to 25!

Here’s a quick video demonstration:

More Details: Which Recipe Pack is Right for You?

Family Meals Recipe Pack

This collection is made for cooking for a group. You’ll find a number of slow cooker, pressure cooker, and one-pan meals that require low-effort to feed a crowd. I’ve included various proteins including chicken, beef, shrimp, and vegetarian options. There’s always the option to swap out a protein for one you enjoy (or add meat to vegetarian meals)! — CLICK HERE TO VIEW.

Cooking for One Recipe Pack

This collection is largely gluten-free, dairy-free recipes that work well in one-serving. You’ll find various omnivore and vegetarian options. I’ve also included a couple sweet treats and snacks. — CLICK HERE TO VIEW.

5-Ingredient Recipe Pack

All 30 recipes in the 5-Ingredient Recipe Pack are made with 5-ingredients or less. Think healthy eating has to be complicated? THIS is my response. These recipes revel in simplicity but still deliver on satisfaction and flavor. This recipe book includes healthy breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks. — CLICK HERE TO VIEW.

Sample Recipe (Cooking for One): Mediterranean Buddha Bowl

Lunch Prep Recipe Pack

On the weekday lunch prep grind? Here’s a collection of 30 recipes that are ideal for making in advance and eating as leftovers. This recipe pack includes omnivore and plant-based options to fit your goals. Recipes include salads, bakes, and bowls that stand-up to weekday lunch prep. — CLICK HERE TO VIEW.

Entertaining Recipe Pack

If you’re looking for ideas for finger foods, appetizers, dips and spreads that make for a fun gathering: this recipe pack is for you. Recipes range on the sweet to savory spectrum. Plus, I’ve included a ‘quick swaps’ guide for navigating food sensitivities with a crowd. ((Hint: always have fresh cut veggies in your spread)) — CLICK HERE TO VIEW.

Low-Carb Recipe Pack

Keto lovers check in. The low-carb recipe pack is ketogenic-diet friendly and leans into ‘clean’ keto. You won’t find bacon-wrapped deep fried butter in this PDF. Instead, I use healthy fats, animal proteins, and minimal dairy to hit the high-fat requirements of the low-carb approach. This collection includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options. — CLICK HERE TO VIEW.

Got other ideas for a Recipe Collection: Let me know! 

I’m open to new ideas and suggestions to build the library of resources FOR YOU. If there’s a specific niche or diet you’d like to see a recipe collection for, send me an email. If more in-depth science and meal planning is what you need, check out my Therapeutic Diet Guides.

Want to work with a functional nutritionist to personalize your diet? Struggling with hormone imbalance, IBS, weight gain, mood changes? Let’s look at FOOD FIRST. Read more about Functional Nutrition at The Facility here.

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