My PRIME DAY picks for a Healthy Kitchen

Nutritionist curated Amazon Prime Day Shopping List

Amazon’s Annual Prime Day is HERE!

I’m expecting some great kitchen deals: from cookware and appliances to books and storage. Now is a great time to refresh your kitchen and treat yourself!

While many deals are kept under wraps until Prime Day kicks off, you can get a sneak peek of upcoming discounts on big kitchen brands like CuisinartInstant PotLe CreusetPyrex and more.

Amazon Prime Day is a perk exclusively for Prime Members. If you’re looking to shop for Prime Day deals, I suggest signing up for a free 30-day trial now, so you can access the event for FREE!

When it comes to a healthy kitchen, here are some of the tools I find myself using daily as I make healthy meals and prep at home:

  1. Instant Pot – I recommend an Instant Pot for anyone who batch cooks and/or meal preps for the week. I like to cook meat all at once (pressure cooked chicken is my favorite), and I’ll cook a large batch of legumes or grains (beans, quinoa, and foolproof rice). I use my Instant Pot for Bone Broth and Soups, and occasionally as a slow cooker on busy weeknights.

2. Blender – I love my Vitamix. I will always recommend it, but I understand it is a pricey option! I’ve heard from others that the Blendtec system is a suitable replacement. (It won’t last as long, so it may be a short-term solution).

3. Dutch Oven/Enamel Pot – When I have the time, I like to slow cook using an enamel cast iron pot that can easily go from stovetop to oven. I will roast whole chickens, make slow broth, and use it for braising roasts. The Lodge brand is durable and affordable for all things cast iron. [Note: while you’re at it if you don’t own a Cast Iron Skillet, Lodge is the way to go!]

4. Spiralizer – This is a tool I didn’t know I needed until I was gifted it. It is GREAT for veggie noodles (alllllll the zoodles), but I’ve also found myself using it for making fancy salad toppings. Finely shredded raw beets and carrots are excellent!

5. Glass/Stainless Storage – As I get back into meal prepping, I needed to update my glass storage containers. Amazon has all sizes, you can replace all that old Tupperware in one fell swoop. If there’s one SIMPLE upgrade you can do for your hormone health, it’s to STOP USING PLASTICS (even BPA-free)! (Especially for food storage: the longer it’s in there, the more leaching that occurs). I just found this cute stainless lunch pail, how fun. When you just need a ziplock style bag, I love these stasher bags!

6. Cookbooks – While I have my go-to meals that I gravitate towards, I enjoy flipping through real cookbooks for ideas. Books are very helpful when adopting a lifestyle change (like trying out Whole30 or going Paleo). I have really enjoyed Cook Once Eat all Week for anyone looking to learn to meal prep!

7. Handheld Frother – I use this little gadget waaaay more than I thought I would. It stays on my counter (which is why that stand is handy)! I use it to froth up any cream/non-dairy milk/oat milk that I put in my coffee with collagen, and I even use it to quick mix up supplement powders, greens powders, and electrolytes into water. No more plastic blender bottles for me.

In addition to products, you can shop Amazon Fresh and get $15 off your first order! I like using this service for busy days when grocery shopping needs to happen, but I just don’t have the time to go to the store. I can click and shop, know my food will be safely delivered, and still cook from home!


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