The Essential Anti-Inflammatory Diet Guide + Meal Plan

This anti-inflammatory diet guide includes a two week meal plan, shopping lists, meal prep guide and recipes to reduce inflammation.


The Essential Anti-Inflammatory Diet Guide + Meal Plan

An anti-inflammatory diet must eliminate inflammatory triggers AND increase anti-inflammatory nutrients. This guide helps to illuminate what those trigger foods are and helps implement a healing diet to tame inflammation all over the body.

Inflammation can be obvious pain; but also less-obvious symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, mood problems, and immune dysfunction.

In this guide you’ll get:

  • Education for Understanding Inflammation
  • How to Implement an Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle
  • Foods to Avoid / Foods to Increase
  • Two week Sample Diet with Meal Plan and Recipes
  • Shopping Lists and Meal Prep Guide to correspond with Sample Weeks
  • Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner and Snack Ideas for following an Anti-Inflammatory Diet


This Guide comes as an On-Demand PDF Download.

This Guide is for you if you’re self-motivated and can stick to a plan.

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