SweatNet Denver: My New Obsession

SweatNET Denver is a members-only community that offers group events, on-demand classes, and studio & wellness industry deals. 

As a member of SweatNet, you’ll have a chance to get to know new people, discover new fitness classes, and find resources to support your health & wellness journey. 


event at sweatnet denver yoga disco
Yoga meets Silent Disco Event

SweatNet Denver Events

Events range from outdoor workouts and guided meditation, to silent-discos and private shopping! As a SweatNET Member, you get access to all these events FOR FREE*. 

*Certain partnership events require a small fee for add-ons like drinks and swag!

SweatNet Streaming Library 

The Class Library is an extensive collection of workouts and mindfulness-based classes. It’s a great way to try out new instructors or workout styles without leaving home. Pro Tip: The streaming library is such a nice resource when traveling and unable to get to your home studio.

SweatNet Deals & Member Discounts

One of the greatest perks of a SweatNet membership is the exclusive studio & partner deals. These deals include discounts off of class-packs, merchandise discounts, membership discounts and BOGO deals. It’s not just limited to sweating: find deals at local restaurants AND recovery centers. By using your SweatNet Denver membership smartly- you’ll easily make up the $9.97 cost in discounts! Click here to browse local deals.

Sweatnet group run event
Group Coffee Run Event with SweatNet
The Facility has a featured SweatNet Denver deal: $25 off an Initial 90-Minute Massage. You’ll still save even with the membership fee! 

Other great deals I love:

All of these benefits are available for $9.95 a month. No commitment, no contract. Try it out for yourself and see what novelty YOU can bring in your life. 

Final Thoughts on SweatNet Denver

I’m thankful for SweatNet as an outlet for meeting new people and trying new experiences. I love finding ways to be both active and social, and SweatNet is that answer. I’m looking forward to exploring the resource library for new classes, new recipes, and related health tips! Will you join me?

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