Closet Upgrade featuring NAADAM: What is Sustainable Cashmere?

Sustainable cashmere goes a step beyond organic and is the highest-standard in the industry. Much like sustainability in food, this means better treatment for the animals, the farmers, and the environment.

In my opinion, Naadam is a company doing things right. They take a conscious approach to every step of the cashmere process from goat to farmer to consumer. 


Cashmere Goats Mongolia Nadaam
Cashmere comes from the Zalaa Jinst White Goats of Mongolia

Animal Care: Happy Goats

The best cashmere in the world comes from Mongolia’s Gobi Desert. Zalaa Jinst white goats live in extremely cold and harsh climates. To add insult, shearing is an extremely stressful process for goats. To avoid this, NAADAM hand combs their goats to collect the fine fibers for their sweaters. 

They take goat care seriously; providing veterinary care to the herd and working directly with farmers to ensure fair treatment. NAADAM is serious about ethical conditions for the animals behind the raw materials.  <<Cashmere Tidbit: To make an average-sized sweater, you will need wool from approximately four adult goats!>>

Herder Relationships

NAADAM works directly with herders (and farmers) to ensure they are paid substantially more. By cutting out the cashmere tradesmen, they are able to pay better rates AND offer better prices for the best cashmere in the world. 

Environmental Standards

The Gobi Desert is a very remote area. NAADAM supports the local community with anti-desertification programs, local nonprofit work and supplier partnerships committed to environmental standards. They are leaving things better than it started in an effort to create a renewable, lasting partnership.

Sustainable Cashmere by Naadam
Great Herder-Source Relationships

Let’s talk Products: NAADAM Sustainable Cashmere

I didn’t know much about NAADAM cashmere until I was gifted THREE amazing sweaters for Christmas. I’m in LOVE. From the moment I opened the box, I could tell this was a high-quality product. The softness is unmatched in any sweater I’ve owned. 

I received a basic V-neck sweater that has become a staple. When I’m needing something extra cozy, I put on my Cashmere blend Sweater Coat (LOVE). For everyday layering, I wear my Grandpa Cardigan. I can’t choose a favorite!

Think Cashmere is crazy expensive? Think Again

Because of their direct-to-farmer relationships, NAADAM is able to keep costs low for premium products. Plus, these are quality pieces made to last years and years. 

Check out the $75 Sweater by Naadam– it’s a dream! (Perfect for yourself or for gifting)

Cashmere Care

I was nervous about the care and handling of such a nice piece. However, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the ease of washing. I hand wash in baby shampoo (Yep, Shampoo!), and then roll in a towel to dry. Pilling is a natural thing and it only happens ONCE and then it’s done. 

Get the Look: Shopstyle Collective

Final Thoughts on Sustainable Cashmere

I’m thankful I found NAADAM and can feel good about my clothing. I feel stylish, yet cozy and comfortable and that’s an AWESOME thing.

Catch me curled up by the fire in my cozy sweaters alllllllll winter long.

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