What’s In My Gym Bag?

Having my large gym bag packed is one easy way I keep myself accountable to my workout schedule. I always have what I need- so when schedules change and I have a free hour… to the gym I go! Here are a few essentials that I always keep:

Headphones: I’ve gotten out of the habit of wearing headphones. I love the community at my crossfit gym where we are all in it together. There is usually pumped music playing, and I enjoy interacting with others. However, on days at big box gyms I love that solo time to be in-the-zone.

Nike Metcon: I switch between Metcon and Nano. I typically like my Nikes for workouts with more running/jumping, and prefer Nano for heavier lifting, rope climbs, and any lateral work.

Hat: For when I really need the blinders on. My craft-saavy Mom monogrammed this Lulu hat for me. Bonus- keeps my hair tamed and out of my face when I’m working out at the end of the day.

Doterra: I love Deep Blue Rub for post-workout soreness. BUT It is just as good as a pre-workout muscle warm-up. I like to put it on hamstrings and quads prior to squat-heavy days and on my shoulders for overhead-heavy workouts. My other go-to intra-workout oils are Peppermint for mental focus and Breathe for, well, breathing. [To order Doterra visit my recommended products page]

Rocktape: When I injured my shoulder in the fall, Rocktape was instrumental in my recovery. It helped me feel ‘stable’ when I started easing back in, and served as a tactical reminder to stay in correct position. I had a stretch injury, so keeping the capsule tight eased any pain and allowed me to keep working out through recovery. Rocktape is NOT a stand-in for proper recovery NOR a crutch..but I believe in its power in the right capacity.


My gym bag tends to become my call bag which becomes my throw-everything-I-have-in-it bag and I end up with 50lbs of gear by the end of the week. Anyone feel me?


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