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I spend a shocking amount of time in the car. Even more, I spend a shocking amount of time in traffic. You’d think I’d learn to avoid those times…but somehow Denver traffic has become a perpetual slow-down. My drive time is generally my call-Mom time (hands free!!). In the – event that she doesn’t answer, I’ve come to rely on podcasts to maintain my sanity. I greatly enjoy early mornings with my fat-laden coffee and a captivating podcast to lift my attitude on the way to work. Some weeks, I spend so much time engrossed in listening I start to feel like these podcasters are my actual friends. (Ok, Ok…Crazy?) Anyway, here are a few of my go-to current favorites:



  • Girls gone WOD. The friend comment? Yeah, That’s totally directed at Joy & Claire. These girls are incredible role models who came to podcasting with a background in crossfit. (WOD is crossfit lingo for Workout of the Day). They are funny, insightful, and REAL. I love that they are based in Denver, my tribe!! They often discuss crossfit/fitness/health, but incorporate so much real life relatable content.


  • The Primal Blueprint Podcast. I’ll admit I’m quite enthralled with the paleo/primal movement. I think there is great value in a return to our ancestral health values. I enjoy Mark Sisson’s podcast for how approachable he makes ‘radical’ diet and lifestyle change. I’m impressed by his views on fueling the human body, and his willingness to change his mind with new research. For me, implementing habit change is easier when I’m learning about it- and I am always picking up tid-bits from Mark and his guests. {I’ll give Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof Radio a brief mention here too. He IS very polarizing- but I appreciate his philosophy and I DO brush up on the latest biohacking novelties….With my bulletproof coffee in hand, I might add}


  • Off the Vine. SHAMELESS. Yes, I have been totally obsessed with the Bachelor ever since my sorority big Amaura got me hooked in college. This podcast takes it to another level. IF you call yourself a fan, LISTEN TO THIS. Kaitlyn Bristowe is and will always be my favorite bachelorette and this podcast is just.. illuminating. She divulges juicy details about filming/production, adds in her snarky humor, and interviews a lot of bachelor “royalty.” It is lighthearted and entertaining and juicy.

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