How to Host a Perfect Hot Chocolate Bar

What’s a Hot Chocolate Bar Party? Just that! A holiday get-together with a perfect Hot Chocolate Bar and all the fixings. We did this for a low-key Christmas gathering in 2021, and it was the best sweet spread.

Allllllllll that sugar? Well, not necessarily. Traditional hot chocolate mixes are loaded with sugar (and preservatives). I put out LMNT Chocolate Salt and LMNT Mint Chocolate as a stand-in, and everyone LOVED IT. These little packets have a ton of flavor – and are, of course, #saltyaf. A boost of electrolytes PLUS healthy hot chocolate? Win-win.

Bonus: Since we saved up our sugar bank, we had more fun with tons of mix-ins and sweet sides.

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hot chocolate bar with lmnt

Now that we’ve got the hot chocolate part down, let’s talk about making it all come together.

Hot Chocolate Bar: Marshmallows

The key: variety of textures and options! Marshmallows are a given. Some people like the classic mini-marshmallows, but a standout were Hammond’s Gourmet Coconut Marshmallows. Other options included Hammond’s Vanilla Bean Marshmallows and novelty star-shaped marshmallows.

Hot Chocolate Bar: Mix-ins

In addition to marshmallows, I like to have other options for mixing into hot chocolate. Peppermint candies are nice, Candy Cane stir sticks, and even a few extra hunks of dark chocolate for a reallllly rich blend.

All the Goodies

Cookies! Brownies! Chocolate Bark! I found these super cute Gingerbread Men at a local bakery in Hopewell, Virginia. They tasted as good as they look. We also had classic Milano-style cookies, Chocolate Lace cookies, Peppermint Brownies, and Chocolate Chip Cookies. My ‘filler items’ were chocolate covered almonds and chocolate bark pieces.

Fill your Hot Chocolate Bar with special treats that you and your guests will love. This is a perfect chance to showcase a variety of holiday cookies or family traditions.


Making it all come together is surprisingly simple. The hot chocolate bar can be set up in advance for a low-stress holiday gathering. Once you have your mix-ins and treats arranged, find some festive holiday mugs.

For those who prefer milk in their hot chocolate, keep a pot of milk at a very low simmer on the stovetop. Use a ladle to fill mugs or add just a splash. If you don’t have a fancy hot water dispenser, a kettle of hot water on the stove will work as well.

The most handy tool of the night was a handheld mixer for quick stirring of the LMNT.

How to host a hot chocolate bar party hot chocolate charcuterie

The hot chocolate bar proved to be an easy, festive holiday favorite that we’ll repeat for years to come!

LMNT Mint Chocolate: Limited Time Only

I’ve talked previously about LMNT Electrolytes in the context of hydration. The Mint Chocolate has nearly taken the lead as my TOP flavor of all time (ok, Chocolate Salt is still number one though). It’s only here for a limited time!! The ingredients are amazing: Salt, Cocoa Powder, Magnesium, Potassium, Natural Chocolate Flavor, Natural Mint Flavor, and Stevia Leaf Extract. << THAT I can stand behind.

Hot Chocolate Bar Ideas

Try LMNT for yourself here. Then come back and let me know your favorite flavor!

Add Electrolytes and stay on top of your hydration!

Think LMNT is too salty? You can find other tasty electrolytes at Thrive Market!

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