What Is A Carnivore Diet?

The carnivore diet means eating only animals; no plants. The diet is largely meat: a lot of protein, a lot of fat, and nearly zero carbohydrates. If it IS an animal, or it comes from an animal, it is likely included in the carnivore diet. 

A carnivore diet can be thought of as a perfect elimination diet. It is on the extreme end of “diets” because it is so restrictive; however, with careful planning it is a highly nutritious and sustainable way to eat. When you eat animal foods nose-to-tail you are consuming the most nutrient rich, bioavailable foods on the planet! Eating animals nose-to-tail will provide plenty of Vitamin C, and will not hurt your kidneys, liver, or heart; in fact, it will likely make you much healthier.

Carnivore Diet Nose-to-Tail Eating includes Organ Meat like Liver
Organs are an essential part of the Carnivore Diet

Carnivore Diet “Rules”

There are no clear guidelines to follow for the carnivore diet regarding macronutrients or percentages of total calories. This is a healing diet that allows you to tap into your intuition: eat to satiety. A true nose-to-tail carnivore diet includes high quality muscle meat, as well as organ meats and connective tissue. While it isn’t easy, it is surely a SIMPLE diet. Enjoy food freedom with less cooking, less prepping, and less shopping. 

This diet can be used as a reset, a short-term diet, before testing and adopting a less rigid routine moving forward. There is no set of “laws” on how to eat. Perhaps you should consider this more of an overall lifestyle change than a “diet.”

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What’s IN and what’s OUT?

The simple inclusion: if it is an animal or comes from an animal, it is likely included: meat, fish, eggs, organs, broth, fat, dairy, collagen, and gelatin.

NOT part of the diet: plant foods, processed and packaged foods, grains, legumes, soda and sweeteners, candies, and refined oils.

When you break it down into “yes” and “no” foods eating carnivore is a very simple diet. However, it takes some planning and balance to ensure all micronutrients are accounted for. Consuming a wide variety of animal foods will not only stave off diet fatigue, but will ensure you are getting a full complement of vitamins and minerals.


A well-designed animal-based diet is especially healing for many types of conditions including gut and digestive disorders, mood problems, depression, anxiety, chronic inflammation, skin conditions, hormone imbalance, and autoimmune disease. 

A carnivore diet renews dietary confidence, reforms habits, and resets your relationship with food. Some common benefits include improved digestion, reduced inflammation, improved cognition, weight loss/body composition change, hormonal balance, improved physical performance, better skin, and less pain.

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