The Comprehensive Guide to the Elimination Diet

A comprehensive elimination diet written by Functional Nutritionist, Kate Daugherty, and Functional Medicine Doctor, Dr. Mitchell Rasmussen.


The Comprehensive Guide to the Elimination Diet

The Elimination Diet by Functional Nutritionist, Kate Daugherty and Functional Medicine Doctor, Dr. Mitchell Rasmussen, DC, CFMP

A 60+day Program for Establishing Personal Nutrition 

Follow along with Kate on this Elimination Diet Program to discover your personal nutrition. Have you ever tried to do an Elimination Diet and FAILED?! One of the keys to success with therapeutic nutrition is having a clear plan in place. Kate takes you step-by-step through the Elimination Diet to address known (and unknown) food sensitivities, immune activation, and understanding your own nutrition needs.


  • Comprehensive Elimination Diet Guide (45+page PDF)- This guide provides the roadmap for overhauling your nutrition with a directed elimination and provocation. Kate gives step-by-step instructions on what foods to restrict, how to add them back in, and what to watch for. Enjoy a selection of deliciously curated recipes that correspond to each phase of the diet.


  • Associated education– Embedded in the guide, you’ll get exclusive blog posts and external resources carefully curated to complement your Elimination Diet  journey.


  • Interactive Tracking Worksheets– The included Daily Journals, Reintroduction Tracker, and Blank Templates lay out how to keep a log of your progress as you move through the program.


MAIN FOCUS: The three main goals of THE ELIMINATION DIET are to discover individual food tolerances, minimize negative physical symptoms, and address immune resilience using nutritional therapy.


What’s Inside:

+WHY The Elimination Diet

+Key Features of the Elimination Diet explained

+Phase I, II, II Diet Meal Plans, Shopping Lists, Recipes

+Foods to Avoid Checklist

+Approved Snack Cheat Sheet

+Step-by-Step Reintroduction Guide

+Diet Journals, Reintroduction Trackers, and other Helpful Resources

+Blank Meal Planning Template

+Over 60 Recipes for High-Fiber, High-Protein, Phytonutrient-dense meals


This Guide comes as an On-Demand PDF Download.

This Guide is for you if you are self-motivated to follow a plan.

For more guidance, reach out to Kate for one-on-one Nutrition Coaching (in-person and online). Free phone consult!

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