The Essential Healthy Eating for Kids Guide

A simple guide to healthy eating for kids. Easy recipes, snacking tips, allergen-friendly hacks, and more for balanced nutrition.


The Essential Healthy Eating for Kids Guide

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Healthy Eating for Kids is about finding nutrient-dense swaps for their go-to meals.

Keep things simple, but add variety with COLOR!

If YOU set the example as a parent, your kids are more likely to adapt to healthy eating strategies in the long term.


What’s Inside Healthy Eating for Kids Guide:

+Over 20 Simple Recipes for Kids (and Adults!)

+Healthy Snack Guide

+Allergen-Free Product List

+Tips for Keeping Kids Hydrated

+How to Pack a Healthy School Lunch

+IFM Guide to Dietary Triggers

+Kid-Friendly Phytonutrient Spectrum Checklist


This Guide comes as an On-Demand PDF Download.

This Guide is for you if you are a busy parent who needs help getting their kids to make healthier choices.

For more guidance, reach out to Kate for one-on-one Nutrition Coaching (in-person and online). Free phone consult!

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