What Is Clean Wine? It Matters For Your Health

Clean Wine is not just a fancy marketing term: it matters for your health.

Did you know wine is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)? By that standard, wineries are under no obligation to share what goes into every bottle, making it hard to discern what’s “good” to drink. 60+ chemical materials can be legally added to wine, and are not required to be printed on the labels. 

The most common additives in this class include copper sulfate (to enhance smell), Velcorin (a sterilizer), and added sugar.  Similar to what we’re seeing in the food industry, wine manufacturers are constantly adjusting formulas using chemicals to make a high-yield, low-cost wine without concern for health. 

So, as you can imagine, calling for higher standards in wine also comes with a higher cost. For me, I’d much rather pay more for a product that I know is high-quality than take the health risk on a cheaper, unknown formula.  

clean wine better for your health
Clean Wine: Wine as it should be


A true ‘clean wine’ is farmed organically or biodynamically, and developed with minimal intervention in the winemaking process. 

  1. Organic/Biodynamic – Organic and biodynamic verified sustainable farming practices mean the grapes are grown without the use of pesticides or other chemicals. It also ensures a more sustainable long-term product since the environment, the soil, and the region can last for generations. 
  1. Minimal Additives – Sugars, sulfites, and flavorings are often added to mass produced wine to make up for unripe grapes or oxidation concerns. Clean wine does not use dimethyldicarbonate (DMCC) or polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVPP) two chemicals used to sterilize and color correct. 
  1. True Winemaking – Clean wine is made as close to a ‘true’ winemaking process as possible. This means minimal filtration, no oak chips or flavorings, and no flash pasteurization.
organic biodynamic clean wine

Why Clean Wine?

Just like with our food and nutrition, we need to be very cognizant of everything that goes into the products we consume. In today’s environment, more and more adulterated versions of food or beverages hit the market and inundate us with ‘toxins’ or unknown additives that put a burden on our innate detoxification system

Clean wine is just that: wine the way it should be made. The flavors are more genuine, more aromatic, and more true. We need a call for more transparency in how what we’re eating or drinking is being made, where it’s coming from, and what’s inside of it. 

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Clean Wine Health Upgrade


With Thrive Market’s Clean Wines, I can trust that I am getting those standards. They also do the work of vetting each farm, each bottle, and adjust their inventory based on ideal wines of the season. 

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